Unpopular Opinion on Food and Skincare

Hello and welcome back!


Today I have to share an unpopular opinion… I feel weird using skincare products that use ingredients I primarily think of as food. Banana face peel, honey face mask, tomato moisturiser and avocado spot cream. I don’t know, those could be made up. But the point stands. I get worried about grapes going soft before the use by date has arrived, so how am I supposed to feel about a food being bottled and put on my skin for three months straight? And don’t say canned foods… That’s different. You open a can and have to eat the whole thing within three days. But you’re telling me my sweet corn serum can be opened and closed every night and not put in the fridge and can survive until it runs out? Ridiculous. I won’t have it. Acids, perfect. Glycerine, shea butter, and plant oils, perfect. Oats? Strange.

So with the scene set, I was at brunch with a friend of mine, sipping my coffee and explaining this issue I have, and she goes “What about caffeine?”. I replied, “Yeah, what about it?”. And she explained that she had been using a caffeine eye cream which had done wonders for her dark circles and puffiness. “Caffeine isn’t the same as coffee, though. You can find caffeine in a lot of hot drinks, like green tea.” That resonated, it’s prevalent though lots of consumables! Caffeine was an edible thing. Now, I wasn’t entirely thrown aback because I wasn’t the one using caffeine on my face. There’s a distinction I guess, although I’m not sure I would ever try it out. But then on the other hand, there are coffee skincare products out there, like lip scrubs. Skincare that you eat? I can’t even think about it without feeling ill. You touch it with your fingers, leave it to fester, then come back and eat it again. What is wrong with people?? So I think caffeine is okay. It’s more of an element of something, like water, which can be stretched over different factions of consumables.


So this is also why, second unpopular opinion, DIY skincare is a disgusting joke. Honestly. No, I don’t want a four ingredient face mask I can make with the ingredients in my pantry. No! I’m not going to drizzle some honey on my breakfast, then turn 180 degrees and drizzle it into a concoction of eggs and avocado and bran flakes to massage into my face. Nah, I cannot bring myself to be okay with it. And so my friend says “What about school science projects? Baking soda volcanoes and all that?” Okay well baking soda counts as a versatile ingredient. No one eats straight out baking soda!

Not sure what you think of this? I’d like to hear your ‘exceptions’ to the rule, or if you think I’m being dramatic. Nothing wrong with being particular. And hope you enjoy the rest of the month, even though the weather has turned sour over here!