The Balance Within Your Beard

I know a lot of guys out there who have started growing out their beards and are running into a couple of problems. Aside from the typical problems that some of you growing your beards out for the first time. Your problems can vary from it not growing properly or in some places of your face not growing at all which although might make you look weird for the first month or two will either catch up or can be camouflaged by the rest of your hair which should be at a decent length by this point. Here is where the real problem comes in and that’s the existence of grooming tools and products that a lot of people get lost in.

Now there are a lot of things you’ll learn about when growing a beard, so much so that you have to wonder who in their right mind with do all of this just for a patch of hair on your face. The answer is a lot of people and although you can go the way of just buying a beard kit which helps you get to know most of the tools a bit better. There’s really only a few essentials that you need to worry about. My personal biggest factors of choice in beard care are the beard oil and the beard balm.

Now these two are the most important in my opinion because they directly influence the factors of beard care that I believe to be the most important. The factors I’m speaking of are beard health and beard shape. The beard oil helps keep your beard and the skin underneath well hydrated and although a beard wash might be nice to add to the mix if you really want to cut down on cost just get the beard oil and try to gauge whether it’s enough to keep your beard soft and silky to the touch. The next is beard balm which some people seem to confuse with wax that you might use on your hair. The reality is a beard balm is closer to butter than wax and it will help to nourish the beard and tame it; more of the latter rather than the former. You need both of these because a healthy beard can quickly go crazy and look dingy and even if you style the heck out of a beard but if it feels wiry to the touch then what’s the point.