New new new!

The big news in my life this month is… I moved overseas! Yes, after waiting a while to finally set off, I’ve finally arrived in my new country of residence and am getting used to this new place. Why did I move, you ask? Well, I was looking for a major change in my life. Not because something bad had happened, or I found something worth uprooting myself for, I just felt stagnant. My world was just the same thing on repeat, a job I wasn’t in love with but paid the bills, friends I felt liked each other more than me, weekends spent sitting in the same pub avoiding conversation with drunk strangers. It just felt like a good way to close that chapter of meh with a fresh start and forced adaption. It’s very hard to fall back into old habits when there are no old comforts around to fall into!


It’s been a wild ride from start to present, a steep learning curve, and so many things I just wasn’t prepared for. But I’m loving it, and I feel so much more active already, so they’re not bad things. Just different things. But obviously, you know how much I love skin care, so that is exactly what I’m covering today! I brought over my entire routine (and a few bottles to keep me stocked whilst I focus on the bigger issues of a new life), but my skin just wasn’t having it. I thought maybe it was the flight, and the jet lag, but it continued to plague me. Pimples, everywhere! And dry, flaky patches of skin, next to extra shiny


areas. Thewhole balance was thrown off. So I started doing some research on how the climate can affect your skin.

I assumed because both my old home and my new had a similar spectrum of temperatures, albeit a few different extremes in the middle of Summer and Winter respectively, that I wouldn’t have any issues. But alas, that was not the case! In fact, the first week I was there I had the worst breakout of my adult life. Not only was it irritating, I wasn’t feeling particularly confident about making friends looking like I still worked at the pizza shop from when I was fifteen… I did a little bit of research, as you are wont to do, and found out that there were a few other factors at play; humidity, wind, and UV rating most notably. And instead of just making me oily, they were stripping my skin of moisture, which in turn made my oil glands work way too hard to offset the dryness. Honestly, I ended up being more fascinated than anything.


So I set to work finding an updated routine. I came across this niacinamide toner, which has been a life saver. It’s both hydrating and lightly moisturising, and amazing for pimples. It sounded too good to be true when I first saw it, but decided that maybe it was just that good, and it would work. And it did! Along with a new moisturiser, I got my skin entirely under control in days. Now I can go out and make new friends (don’t worry, I won’t forget about you all) and feel like my best self!