Loving the 2020 Christmas Vibe

I have been sourcing Christmas presents for the good part of six months, as it became pretty obvious early on this year that we would be relying on the festive period for joy and reconnecting with family and friends, something good to wrap up this not so good year. We’ve only had a few breaks from lockdown, so shopping small and/or local has had it’s challenges. I hope you’ve persevered?

Sustainability has been such an important topic to us this year, and I’ve been so happy to see more people pledge to a more earth-friendly lifestyle. Now at one of the most excessive times of year in terms of waste, we’re being forced into some compromises. I, for one, am very happy to say a hearty farewell to tacky Christmas crackers, and the tacky plastic toys they always contain. I want every element of my 2020 Christmas celebrations to either be a deliberate gift, thrifted, or reusable for next year. With my friends in particular I searched forĀ beauty Christmas gift ideas as cosmetics companies often come up with some really nice designs to house their products (either full size, or minis), such as a bauble, or a cracker. Yes, the packaging is something else to dispose of, although hopefully recycle, but at least it is its own wrapping. It will probably look better than anything I can wrap too! I know wrapping isn’t really necessary… but I can’t move past the excitement and drama of unwrapping which is so ingrained in the Christmas spirit. I know someone who wrapped her presents in tote bags she had made each recipient based on their personal style, which I thought was pretty cool.

When thinking of my Christmas tree, because I am in a new country and brought nothing with me to decor

ate, I knew it had to be plastic-free. My partner argued for a real tree, because then we could just bury it in the garden after Christmas was over. We couldn’t do tinsel, although I may make fabric off-cut tinsel in the future, so instead I got out the crochet hook and started crocheting red, white and green bunting. Just little chain stitches with bobbles and pompoms, they’re quick, easy, but so lovely. Homely. That’s probably just the wool though.

But what about baubles? Can’t have a tree with no baubles! I bought some buttercream coloured felt, gold thread, sequins and beads, and got to work making lovely felt baubles with some stuffing to make them nice and round.

So I’m very excited to set everything up! I can just see it all coming together. Moreover, I know this is just the first year of decorating and in a few years it’s going to be perfect! Absolutely gorgeous, in all my crafting glory.

How are you being more sustainable this Christmas? Let me know, I need more inspiration.