Going Green!!

Hello friends!


I’ve been on a real green kick recently, taking my recycling seriously, eating organically, and rethinking the kinds of brands I’m bringing into my home. We’re reaching a tipping point with the environment, and I knew I couldn’t keep complaining about the state of things without showing that I was actually making some impact myself. Not that I think it’s entirely up to the people, big businesses and companies don’t give two figs about the fumes and waste they’re churning out so long as the money is still coming in. But if all we ever did was tell big companies to get a grip, it would be just as helpful to rant at a brick wall. At least this way I might get the chance to turn some of my less green friends onto a better path. The butterfly wings, or whatever that saying is…

I’ve spent a small fortune on specialty items; beeswax cloth, bamboo toothbrushes, and a subscription to a pickup drop-off service for my shampoo and conditioner… so instead of just recycling the bottles, they clean and reuse them.


But that made me think about the small hoard of skincare products sitting in my bathroom, seeing as I knew I was running low on some of my essentials. Boy is it hard to find a skincare brand I really believe is helping! Or even natural.. I got some advice from a friend to look at the INCI lists on the box, because even though brands can greenwash their websites and make it seem better than it is, you can’t lie about the ingredients. I tried contacting some brands too (I won’t name names!), but a lot of the responses were very evasive. I don’t think they know you’ve got to be more than just cruelty free. I was browsing Feel Unique and came across a new brand, Q+A. Their whole deal is explaining their products from the ingredients to how they help, even the skin type they’re best suited to. Their blog is really interesting, too! I asked some questions, and they were super honest about how they are trying to be sustainable, a little easier for a small brand. So yeah, I think Q+A is one of the best skincare brands out there if you’re looking for something natural.


It’s hard to avoid small product sizes, especially when you think about shelf life and sunlight degrading ingredients, so I don’t think I’ll go crazy trying to find something zero impact when other industries, like the food and fashion industries, have such a giant negative effect. For fashion, I’m going to try and stick to ethical brands (researching is underway!) and second hand items. Or repurposing things I already have. I think a big hole is about to tear a hole in the thigh of my favourite jeans, but a quick Pinterest search gave me the idea to sew them into a skirt! So many great ideas out there that aren’t a chore!


Please let me know what steps you’ve taken to be more green, this is a team effort!!