A guy who’s into grooming

As someone who still considers himself to be a relatively young man I’m quite lucky to be able to enjoy the industry of male grooming in the current state that it’s in. When I was a little boy the concept of a guy using skincare/grooming products wasn’t really all that bad to me personally but I also remember that at the time it also really wasn’t really all that big of a deal for me. Up until the day that I noticed those first signs of sprouting facial hair.

If I could bring you into the mind of a 12 year old boy who is only now witnessing the effects of puberty first hand. The first idea I had in my head was actually whether not it would get long enough to twirl. Yes you heard me right I wanted to grow my moustache out to a length where I could twirl it like some old movie villain. But as my father was a very clean cut man he took that as a chance to teach me how to shave for the first time. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad my father showed me how to shave properly, I honestly think that’s really something you should do for your son and it was a real bonding experience believe it or not. But after about a year of shaving my moustache I started noticing that my chin had started growing some hair as well. At that point I asked my father if it would be alright to stop shaving and grow them both out. I was terrified of asking my father but much to my surprise all he did was ask me if I was sure and upon replying “yes” he went out and purchased me my first grooming supplies. He bought me beard oil and beard scissors. He said to ask my grandpa to teach me to use them. And now all these years later here I am finally twirling my old western villain moustache.