A Man Who Just Wants To Be Like His Dad

What keeps a boy from becoming a man? Perhaps just by continuing to look like one! Unfortunately I don’t have the manly mature looks my father had when he was my age.

One look my Dad always goes for is having shiny soft hair on his chin. We were never quite sure how he pulled that look off! We would often look at it, especially every time he sat on his favorite chair while reading newspaper with hot coffee on the table. For us, it looks very respectable, intelligent and sophisticated. My brother wants to become like my dad, he wants to be like him, and he wants to look like him!

My brother is already a family man blessed with two lovely daughters and one son. His old dreams of becoming just like our dad have been forgotten for a while. Before Father’s day, I gave him a small bottle of Beard oil. I said to him “just put this on your beard tomorrow and believe me you will see magic.”

Early morning, we were so excited to have a look at him after using the oil. After some time he finally emerged from the bathroom with a regular office suit on and a very shiny and soft beard. He looked great! Not only that but he also looked just like my Dad! To tease him, we made him sat down on my Dad’s chair with some hot coffee on the table and a newspaper. Just so he could fulfill his dream and 100% look like our Dad.

I know it really made him happy and I’m proud of myself for contributing to his happiness as well. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my dad’s favourite beard oil. There is no need to spend too much money when trying to achieve a shiny and soft beard. With just one drop of beard oil, all your worries will fade away.