The famous finishing touch for makeup!

We are so addicted to cosmetics to the extent that we are willing to spend an incredible amount of money on it. Some might argue with me, but I believe it’s impossible for any woman to live without even just one cosmetic product, whether it is skincare or makeup.

My obsession with skincare products is tremendous compared to makeup. I like makeup, but I hate it when it melts off easily on my face which ends up making me feel quite uncomfortable. When that happens, I feel like the time and effort I put into my beauty routine has all been wasted, and it feels like I wasn’t able to get my money’s worth. That is why I limit myself to only using lip tint and powder on my face, and nothing else.

I have a friend who always looks good and fresh with her makeup. I had to ask her whether or she retouches her makeup throughout the day, as her face always looks fresh, all day and night. She answered me with a big “NO” and I was amazed by that. Fortunately for me, she decided to tell me her secret for having makeup that stays in place and glowing for hours and hours.

According to her, no matter how expensive the products you use, how much effort and time you spend, and no matter how carefully you apply it to your face, it will most likely be wasted if you forget to use the most important product that helps keep your makeup stays in place. Do you know what it is?

It’s called fixateur maquillage! Yes, it just a spray but your makeup will not be completed without this famous finishing touch that every woman uses to achieve a glowing and fresh look that lasts all day. it is essentially a mist for your face that works like magic. There are many different varieties so it’s always best to choose according to your skin type and any other particular preferences you may have.